3-2-1 Dash for Down syndrome 5K and Fun Run - The Down Syndrome Association of Greater Charlotte

5K & World Down Syndrome Day

The 12th Annual 3-2-1 DASH for Down Syndrome is a 5K fundraiser; run an extra .11 mile to the 2nd finish line for a 3.21 finish!


– Elevation Church- Blakeney, 8835 Blakeney Professional Dr. Charlotte, NC 28277

– Live Race: 5K, Fun Run, & WDSD Celebration


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OUR GOAL is to raise funds for advancements in Down syndrome (Ds) education as well as DSA-GC camps and adult weekend retreats for our youth and adults with Down syndrome.

WHY? Educational programs in the Greater Charlotte area are helping to support educators and enable students with Ds to live up to their full potential and capabilities. In addition, our summer camps and adult weekend retreats provide unique experiences for individuals with Ds ages 5 and up that provide socialization, life skills, and so much more.
Achieving our goal will make it possible for people with Ds to live more independent life – with more opportunities than ever before!

Extra “Dash” for Down Syndrome

It’s only 1 extra chromosome! Most people have 2 copies of 23 different chromosomes but individuals with Down syndrome are born with 3 copies of the 21st chromosome (the medical term for this is Trisomy 21). That’s it only one chromosome difference. So for awareness & support, we are adding to our 5K (3.1 miles) run a short DASH (0.11 mile) for Down syndrome for a total distance of 3.21 miles!!! Your official time will be captured at the 5K finish line; the DASH is just for fun!

2024 World Down Syndrome Day Celebration 3/21

This is a community event immediately following the 5k and Fun Run to celebrate WDSD.  All are welcome!

About World Down Syndrome Day

World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated on 3/21 to signify the third copy of the 21st chromosome present in individuals with Down Syndrome. Events will take place AROUND THE WORLD to celebrate individuals with Down syndrome and the communities they are a part of. To learn more about World Down Syndrome Day and see how people are celebrating around the globe, go to https://worlddownsyndromeday.org/

Sponsorship Information

Interested in sponsoring our event? Contact Victoria Coles via email at victoria.coles@dsa-gc.org or 704-536-2163.



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