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First Call Program

If you have received prenatal tests that suggest or confirm Down syndrome or discover your child has Down syndrome, remember that the DSA of Greater Charlotte is here for you – with accurate, up-to-date information and the opportunity to speak with a parent mentor through our Parents’ First Call Program.


First Call Program
For expectant and new parents of children with Down syndrome, any opportunity to speak with other parents who have experienced what you are experiencing can be invaluable. The DSA of Greater Charlotte’s Parent First Call program is a volunteer group of trained parent mentors available 24/7 to listen, share, answer questions, and provide valuable information.  If you would like to speak with a First Call parent, complete the form below  or call 704-536-2163 or e-mail

The Global Down Syndrome Foundation and the National Down Syndrome Congress have teamed up to publish the 2nd edition of the groundbreaking Prenatal Testing Pamphlet for Down syndrome.

“Understanding a Down Syndrome Diagnosis”
“Understanding a Down Syndrome Diagnosis” contains medical and developmental information about people with Down syndrome as well as local and national resources, pregnancy options and helpful visuals and graphics. This booklet has been reviewed by all the major medical organizations involved in expectant mothers’ health. To request a copy of this booklet, please call 704-536-2163 or e-mail

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