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“The Peanut Butter Falcon” is a sweet portrayal of love, family, and ability

by Alicia Robbins A man with Down syndrome hands a drawing to an elderly lady in a nursing home. The drawing depicts the man trading his pudding in exchange for the lady’s h...

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North Carolina Scholarship and Grant Programs Providing More Education Options for Children with Special Needs

Earlier this summer, Christa Robaina, Charlotte chapter chair and a parent mentor for The Autism Community in Action, wrote an article for Charlotte Parent Magazine about her...

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Common Sleep Challenges in Children With Down Syndrome (And What to Do About Them)

by Lisa Smalls Quality sleep is particularly hard to achieve for children with Down syndrome, where symptoms often persist into adulthood. According to the National Institute ...

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To My Son’s School on World Down Syndrome Day

Written by Victoria Vila March 21, 2019 World Down Syndrome Day Dear 4th Grade Scholars: Today, Thursday March 21, is the day when people around the world advocate for the acc...

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Braces and Expanders: A Parent’s Journey for Her Son With Down Syndrome

By Marilyn Wallace Most, if not all, children with Down syndrome are born with a high narrow palate in their mouths.  This is due to inadequate development of the facial bone...

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Your Resilience Is Not Forgotten

By Laura Hayner People are always praising parents for their babies being good sleepers, great eaters, getting their first tooth, or hitting their developmental milestones, bu...

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The Birth of an Advocate

By Larina Pierce It started just over ten years ago with the birth of our first daughter, Camille, who has Down syndrome. When a child with special needs is born, a parent-adv...

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Dear Me

Dear Me: I know you just got that awful phone call.  The one that told you the news you didn’t want to hear.  Your sweet, unborn baby, the baby you’ve dreamed of your wh...

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The Right Professional Will Make ALL the Difference

Finding the right professional team is critical to the success of your Special Needs Plan.  “Success” of a Special Needs Plan should be defined as having clarity regardin...

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