INCLUSION. Is it easy? No. Is it possible? Yes.

By Jennifer Powell Naylor


INCLUSION. Is it easy? No. Is it possible? Yes. We advocate for inclusion of ALL individuals with Down syndrome every day. With a caring heart and an open mind, YOU make this happen. We are witnesses of INCLUSION in Brayden’s life and it’s a BEAUTIFUL thing.

Our Halloween night was AMAZING because we saw INCLUSION and ACCEPTANCE working in Brayden’s life. Brayden started Kindergarten this year in his neighborhood school and we saw why that INCLUSION is so important last night as we walked through our neighborhood. Children were calling Brayden’s name to say hi or stopping to talk to him. These are children he sees at school. He cannot come home and tell us about his new friends, but we get to see it all play out in his daily life.

This is why we advocate. This is why we educate. We will continue to do so. Down Syndrome Awareness is not just something we do because it’s on the calendar for October. It’s AWARENESS we bring because it is important to our son’s every day life. We are encouraged by the love of our friends and neighbors, and although there is still lots of work to do and people’s hearts to open, we are celebrating the INCLUSION we witness today. Hope you all had a safe and wonderful Halloween evening with your loved ones.